Watch the video tour of ClickFunnels first and then scroll down and see the different types of funnels that you can build using ClickFunnels.

Note that we can help you with anything technical, we can help with copywriting, we can help with scripts for your sales videos.

We can also help with generating traffic (leads and sales) once you have your funnel built too.  Enjoy watching!

Here's just some of the types of funnels that you can build using Click Funnels!

Click Funnels #1: Optin Lead Capture Funnel

The best way to convert website traffic into leads is to send them through a page that's usually called a lead, optin, or squeeze page. While people often use different names to describe this page, the goal for all of them is the same: offer an ethical bribe in exchange for someone giving you their email address. That's the core of the optin funnel.

Click Funnels #2: Sales Funnel

So, you've got something to sell online? If so, then you're probably going to need one of our proven sales funnels. ClickFunnels already integrates with your favorite payment providers (like PayPal, Stripe (our favorite), Infusionsoft and Clickbank), so now all you have to do is setup each page in your sales funnel. It typically consists of deliver your sales message, providing a clear call to action, and funneling your visitors to your order form.

Click Funnels #3: Webinar Funnel

Would you like to do a live webinar, but you aren't happy with the look and feel of your webinar providers registration and confirmation pages? If so, then you are going to love our webinar funnels! They will allow you to bypass the pages that your webinar provider gives you and custom design them to look and feel exactly how you want.

Click Funnels #4: Automated Webinar Funnel

Do you have a webinar that's producing results, but you don't want to keep doing live presentations every night? If so, then you're going to love our automated webinar funnel! It allows you to take your recorded webinar presentation and create an experience for your webinar attendees that is very similar to your live webinars. There's even a complete email followup system built in to the funnel. You can remind the subscriber of of the webinar date or even trigger email sequences based on their attendance (or lack thereof).

Click Funnels #5: Membership Funnel

So, technically a membership site isn't actually a funnel, it's a way to deliver your content to people in a fun and unique way. Our membership funnels allow you to lock certain areas of your members area, based on what your customers purchased, drip content to them based on when they signed up, and a whole lot more.

Click Funnels #6: Launch Funnel

So, you have a new product to launch? The launch funnel was designed after years of testing different ways to launch a new product, and it's been proven to work in hundreds of different markets. It works by building up anticipation for your new product through multiple free videos, and then opening your cart to offer your new product on "launch day".

Plus, there's a bunch of other funnels that you'll be able to build using ClickFunnels once you are a member and all of the funnels are "unlocked" and remember we can always help you to strategically architect and launch a funnel with you!