MegaphoneApp VS ClickFunnels

How does Megaphoneapp compare up against ClickFunnels?

Good question.  It doesn’t.  MegaphoneApp is just an expensive, yet I would have to say easy to use and super fast loading landing pages.  You still have to tie everything together (duck tape approach) vs. clickfunnels where its all tied together from the beginning in one easy to use interface.


You can check out Megaphone app here:


This is a funnel that I built out with Megaphoneapp powering the front end along with OptimizePress on the backend (again duck tape), but hey it works right?!

Perfect Funnel System

Perfect Funnel System

You can sign up for ClickFunnels and get a FREE 2 week trial here:

Try ClickFunnels

Try ClickFunnels

If you have any questions about ClickFunnels or Megaphoneapp just let us know by sending us a live chat message or fill out a quote or you know what?  You can always give us a call.  We are in business to serve.  We don’t hide behind our computers.

Bryan Dulaney