Funnel University FREE Trial!

Funnel University just went LIVE today!  You can get access to a FREE 14-Day Trial to “Funnel U” click here.  You may be wondering, “what all comes with this 14-day trial to Funnel U?”  Well, I’m glad you asked… here’s what you actually are gonna get…

  1. The New Funnel Stacking Book shipped to your door
  2. Funnel U black card and handouts which is the Funnel University Blackcard.  It’s loaded with pure value, nuggets, wisdom from Russell and a ton of stuff that you get that you can see on the sales page for this offer on the next page here.
  3. DotComSecrets Labs software (which is awesome)
  4. Funnel University Print Newsletter (I love getting these every month)
  5. Funnel University Digital Access Pass

Here you can see a digital bundle of everything that you’ll get inside of Funnel University:


Get Your 14-Day Trial Here

So, there you have it.  Grab Funnel University FREE trial because it's gone.  You're getting a ton of value in this and it's worth it's weight in pure gold.


Bryan Dulaney

P.S. Here's the link to get your 14 day Trial.