ClickFunnels Affiliates

Do you want to promote ClickFunnels and become an Affiliate for ClickFunnels?  The payout for ClickFunnels is 30% when you refer a sale and you can earn up to $698.95 per year which is what makes promoting ClickFunnels so appealing not to mention the fact that it’s software that people desperately want and more importantly need to run their businesses.

Become A ClickFunnels Affiliate


Here's the rules to being a ClickFunnels Affiliate:

ClickFunnels Affiliate Promotion and Contest Rules

It is ABSOLUTELY VITAL that every affiliate adhere to the HIGHEST POSSIBLE STANDARDS of Ethical & Legal Conduct during this promotion.

The shopping cart opens officially on 09/23/14 at: 2 pm EST.  Contest for prizes ends on: 10/07/14 at: 12 midnight EST (Cart will remain open, but bonuses will be gone).

Teams- We request that you do NOT work in Teams to try and qualify for prizes. This is not fair to individuals who are trying to qualify on their own.  Tracking is Cookie based- last cookie gets credit for the sale.

The Federal Trade Commission has recently more clearly defined best practices for affiliate marketers, and it is our position that all affiliates of Click Funnels (CF) must use these guidelines and regulations as Standard Operating Procedure during their endorsement or promotion.

Step 1 - Download and Review the FTC Document for Endorsement Guidelines:
Step 2 - In addition to the FTC Guidelines, please observe the following Best Practices:

When you promote, make sure you:
  • Include your Affiliate Disclaimers and Disclosures. The bottom line is, if you make a sale via an affiliate link, it’s because you're getting paid to do so – be honest about that. Include these disclaimers during email or advertising promotions.
  • Include your relevant Privacy Policies on sites that you are promoting CF with.
  • Include your Terms of Service on sites that you are promoting CF with.
  • Include your Forward Looking Earnings Statements on sites that you are promoting CF with.
  • DO NOT SPAM (Do NOT send JUNK or UNQUALIFIED TRAFFIC to this offer)
  • Don't TWITTER SPAM or Social Media Spam
  • Don't misrepresent yourself as a "typical result" or as a "typical customer" when you promote this offer
  • Be transparent and authentic – ClickFunnels will treat your prospects with MASSIVE RESPECT!

There will be NO commission payments paid on PERSONAL USE Sales of the Product - meaning, if the only purpose in joining this affiliate program was to get a commission on a sale for Personal USE of Click Funnels, that's not cool.  (That's a BIG note.  So signing up to promote ClickFunnels just to buy it and get yourself a discount, won't work at all so don't even try).ClickFunnels tracks and reconciles every sale – and in cases where an affiliate has a single sale to themselves, commission will NOT be paid on that sale.
That's simply NOT FAIR to the affiliates who have promoted in good faith only to have one of their prospects join the affiliate program to get their own commission and cut the original affiliate out.
I recommend you sign up and get yourself an account with ClickFunnels here.  Then play with the software, build out some lead capture or sales funnels and then after you love it, then sign up here and become an affiliate and begin promoting ClickFunnels.  That's the best way to promote something, from authentic experience.  Anything else is just unauthentic and doesn't work very well in my experience.

If you have any questions text me at 484-798-9861

Bryan Dulaney